Jasenovac Memorial Site, with the Memorial Museum, was founded in 1968 at the suggestion of the Federation of War Veterans' Organisations (SUBNOR) of the Socialist Republic of Croatia, Jasenovac Memorial Site and the Memorial Museum were founded “in order to preserve in perpetuity the remembrance of the victims of the Fascist terror and the soldiers of the People’s War of Liberation who fell in the Second World War in Jasenovac and Stara Gradiška Camps, and in order to preserve the achievements of Anti-Fascism.” (Act on Amendments to the Act on Jasenovac Memorial Site, OG 21/01).

Jasenovac Concentration Camp was a place of imprisonment, forced labor and executions, primarily for the Serb Orthodox population which was, with the goal of creating an ethnically clean territory, to be completely eradicated from the Independent State of Croatia, as well as for Jews and Roma, who were discriminated against by racial laws. A large number of Croats was killed in the camp as well – communists and Anti-Fascists, members of the People’s Liberation Army of Croatia, as well as members of their families and other opponents of the Ustasha regime.

Jasenovac Memorial Site is a place for meditation and study, a place for building personal attitudes towards evil and crime, towards the value of human life, and towards moral principles, on the basis of which each of us can contribute to the building of a more humane future.