The museum workshops are the basis of the Education Centre of Jasenovac Memorial Site, which, with the exhibition in the Memorial Museum, enables a new approach to teaching topics such as the Holocaust, genocide and the suffering of Anti-Fascists in the Second World War in this part of the world, and therefore provides a basis for teaching on human rights. Jasenovac Memorial Site Education Centre is a place from which a voice speaks out against hatred, exclusion, racism, xenophobia and every form of intolerance.

The basic idea behind the Education Centre is to restore the identities and dignity of the victims of crime. In this way, we wish to encourage visitors to think about those who died, what led to these crimes and who committed them, the men and women who stood up to evil, and our own personal attitudes towards all forms of evil.

We believe that this method of presenting Jasenovac Concentration Camp, along with the museum exhibition and survivors’ testimonies, will contribute towards tolerance and respect for each other’s differences.

The Education Centre was opened along with the Memorial Museum on 27 November 2006. It is the work of Produkcija 004, an interdisciplinary team of architects, urbanists, graphic and product designers. The Education Centre building is a simple classroom in neutral colours, designed to suggest that it is not important in itself, but is here to serve whatever is happening within it. The room is flexible enough to be used in three ways – for frontal teaching, group work and focussed teaching.

The main element used to enable interaction between participants in this context are the specially designed and produced Chairs of Human Rights. Each participant, when they enter the classroom, takes down one of sixty chairs from the wall and decides for him or herself where to place it within the room. In this way, a new spatial situation is created each time.