Human suffering is individual suffering and is immeasurable.
We would prefer to forget such experiences. But we must not forget them.
On the contrary, we must remember, not forget, brutal violence and injustice inflicted on man, in full understanding of their mutual causes and effects.
The message born out of agony must today act as a beam of light to a more humane world, in which we cease to be nationally, historically or personally egocentric.

The most powerful messages are born out of suffering.
There is no greatness in life without great pain.
We can view our entire history as the history of a single pain, running through the history of mankind like the skeleton of life.

True, great art is discovering the hidden secret of the joy of life.
Now, in the twenty-first century, the time has come to learn the lesson of the past, and also to create works of remembrance, which will remind us to do good.

The pain of the Jasenovac Flower must be transformed into a reason for action, rather than inciting new injustices. It must establish faith in the victory of humaneness, in spite of the occasional success of barbarism.

The Jasenovac Peace Declaration aligns its message with the standards of civilised Europe; along with the duty to remember, it sends a message of learning, regardless of all the burdens, sufferings and injustices which occurred.
Let us decide, here and now, to be advocates of peace, compassion and justice.

This is a declaration against hatred and prejudice.
It does not seek to cut off memory, but to deepen and explore it.

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