25 JULY 2010

On Sunday, July 25th, 2010 at 9am Israeli President Shimon Peres and Croatian President Ivo Josipović visited Jasenovac Memorial Site.

They visited the Memorial Museum and addressed the public in front of the Stone Flower Monument.

"With all the greenery, with all the sorrow, the blood is screaming from the ground. Here, where there are two poles of man kind, the murderers, the insane, those who left to successive generations shame and disgrace, we, all of us, are ashamed of them. And here are all the victims; they are all brothers and sisters regardless where they come from and whom they pray to. These victims will not let us forget for a second that mankind, each individual needs to know to fight and protect every child, every mother, every grandfather. Here one cannot but be moved to the bottom of our souls and one cannot forget that we are all human beings respectful of each other, respectful of each others' dignity, and the right to live as human beings. We are deeply recpectful of the way by which the Republic of Croatia and its President carry with dignity the educational lessons derived from this Holocaust", wrote the Israeli President Shimon Peres after visiting Jasenovac Memorial Museum.

(Photographs: Office of the President of Croatia; photographs taken by: Marija Kundek)