18 MARCH 2013

On Sunday 21th April 2013 at 10.30 a.m., a commemoration and a wreath-laying ceremony will be held at Jasenovac Memorial Site, by the Flower monument, in memory of 22nd April 1945. That is the day when detainees attempted a breakthrough from Concentration Camp Jasenovac and on this occasion we are honouring all who perished at that camp as well as those detainees who survived.

The commemoration is under the patronage of the Croatian Parliament.

All present will be addressed by Mr. Zoran Milanović, President of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Josip Leko, President of the Croatian Parliament and Mr. Ivo Josipović, President of the Republic of Croatia.

Visitors are asked to assemble in front of the Memorial Museum by 9.45.