On 5 September 2013 a historical exhibition “Thanking the People of Norway” was opened in The Defence Museum (Forsvarsmuseet) in Oslo. The author of the exhibition is Nataša Mataušić, museum counsellor in Croatian History Museum. Manager of the documentation research project is Gorana Ognjenović, a scientific researcher at the University of Oslo.

The exhibition and corresponding catalogue were financed by The Fritt Ord Foundation from Oslo, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Zagreb, Falstad Centre and Jasenovac Memorial Site. The exhibition was opened under the high patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Norway and the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Norway. In August 2012, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the arrival of first detainees from Yugoslavia to forced labour camps in Norway during the Second World War, the exhibition was held in Falstad Centre (Falstadsenteret) near Trondheim.

Based on contemporary works and research, the intention of the exhibition was to try to show, on twenty-one exhibition posters, the circumstances which led to sending a great number of men from the territory of the former Independent State of Croatia to forced labour Nazi camps in Norway, to show the troubles they faced together with other imprisoned men from Yugoslavia until they returned to Yugoslavia after the war ended. The exhibition especially emphasises the help that people of Norway provided to these men in overcoming the difficulties and the importance of that help in making their life during the imprisonment easier.